Jonathan Schauder BA, BComm, BSci Honours, Applied Psychology. Master coach, mediator, facilitator, life planner, strategist and author.

After achieving his psychological registration more than 20 years ago, Jonathan (Jonny) Schauder has helped people in all contexts – personal, relational, professional, divorce, parenting and with psychological challenges of all sorts. He helps people get jobs through improving interview skills, enables them to manage stress; and specialises in parenting issues, life planning and family alignment. He started as a youth worker before his experience in behaviour and mindful change and conflict resolution saw him work for many years in training, mediation and conflict resolution. He is now applying his significant experience to help individuals with a range of clinical presentations. Jonny has published six texts on leadership, communication, high performance, time management, distress and psychological resilience. He has 5 children, plays masters-soccer and the guitar.

Jonny is conveniently available for Telehealth sessions.